Unterschrift leserlich

I am a citizen of the EU, and I want the European Parliament to adopt the use of open standards and to promote interoperability in the ICT sector.

We believe that the current situation, where the European Parliament’s ICT runs on proprietary software that is not interoperable with that of other vendors, where therefore citizens and stakeholder groups wishing to participate in the legislative process are forced to use the products of a single company, is in conflict with the first article of Chapter 1 in the Treaty of the European Union. An example of this is the live Web streaming from the European Parliament’s plenary sessions – aimed at improving communication with citizens and insight into democratic processes – which will only work with Windows Media Player.

So fängt eine Petition an das Europäische Parlament an, die sich für die Verwendung von offenen Standards in der EU-Administration einsetzt. Lesen kann man die Petition hier, unterschreiben hier.

Vor der Mittagspause habe ich als No. 603 unterschrieben, nach der Mittagspause sind es schon 637 Unterzeichner.