Talking with Jay Rosen on Tuesday, in a conversation we didn’t record, he said we don’t know the shape of the new journalism, and I agreed — but that’s the only thing we don’t know. We know very well the components, the same sources that the old journalism was built on, with one major difference — they now go direct.  

This is what we’ve been working on in the blogging space for 15 years. I wrote about billions of websites in 1995. And before that, desktop publishing and laser printers made it possible to print newsletters in 1986, 23 years ago. All that time, every time a former source started publishing on their own, the process of new journalism took a step forward

Dave Winer via

Dave Winer gehört zu den Menschen, die man (OK, ich…) immer wieder unter die Kategorie „abgehobene Nervensägen“ einsortiert. Blöd, dass er, in 20/20 hindsight, doch recht oft Recht zu behalten scheint.

Dass wir derzeit den reboot of journalism miterleben, halte ich aber auch für unstrittig.

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