Peerio: Sorry!

Was bisher geschah: There’s a new kid on the crypto block, und ich muss es natürlich ausprobieren. bietet Verschlüsselung für Mail (-ähnliche Nachrichten), IM und Dateien. Leider hat Peerio den Upload meiner Kontaktliste dazu genutzt, jede/n, aber auch wirklich jede/n mit Einladungen zuzuspammen, ohne mich zu fragen oder zu warnen. Was ich in einer Mail an Peerio überhaupt nicht toll fand:

I […] uploaded my contact list to my account, expecting to be asked which of my contacts I wanted to be invited to Peerio; this is a behaviour I got used to from networks like LinkedIn and others.

Instead, by uploading the list I was astonished to learn that Peerio already has sent out invitations to all people on my list, including a lot who are not the least interested in services like yours. I consider this behavior unacceptable.

Was daraufhin geschah: Peerio ging in sich und schrieb mir, aus dem Keyboard von Vincent Drouin:

First, let me apologize for the problem that you experienced today with importing contacts in Peerio. I take full responsibility, as an oversight of this sort is unacceptable and this feature was clearly not ready for our public beta release.
I agree with you one-hundred percent, a contact import should notify the user if e-mails will be sent and present a checklist of contacts to be imported.
The event that happened to you today goes exactly against our philosophy, since what we want is to provide privacy between our users. We have decided to disable this feature until it has been properly developed to ensure users understand and can verify exactly what the task performs, including selecting recipients individually.

Womit die Sache für mich – und hoffentlich für alle, deren Daten für die Spamwelle vom Mittwoch missbraucht wurden – erledigt ist. Und ich mir das mit dem gelöschten Account und dem abgesagten Test noch einmal überlege.