Patriotischer Witzbold

Aus der Sicht des US-Komikers Bill Maher ist es seine Pflicht als Patriot, Witze über George Bush zu machen.

If I could explain one thing about George W. Bush to the rest of the world it’s this: We don’t know what the hell he’s saying either! Trust me, foreigners, there’s nothing lost in translation, it’s just as incoherent in the original English. Yes, we voted for him — twice — but that’s because we’re stupid, not because we’re bad. Bush is just one of those things that are really popular for a few years and then almost overnight become completely embarrassing. You know, like leg warmers, or Hootie and the Blowfish, or white people going, „Oh no you di-int.“

Was zumindest als Vergleich schon mal nicht uninteressant ist.