Nur eine Theorie…

Auch Linksliberale haben – an guten Tagen – ein Faible für Verschwörungstheorien. Beispiel: Die Redaktion von mit ihrer These, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera und – grusel! – Paris Hilton seien nichts anders als Teil einer Verschwörung der Republikaner zur Machterhaltung.

All three „singers“ are „blonde.“ At least two have had nose jobs, and at least two have had breast enhancements. Two are more famous for having sex than they are for singing. One is more famous than the other two for urinating in taxicabs because she dislikes public restrooms. And none of them are Ashlee Simpson — but, squinting with both eyes and ears until only the clap track, white head and boobies are apparent … can it really be said that any of them are actually not Ashlee Simpson?

Quod erat demonstrandum.