Netbook X

Das wäre ja noch was für den Gabentisch (egal, ob dieses oder nächstes Jahr): ein iPhoneOS- oder Android-befeuertes Netbook:

I foresee an “iNet� as essentially a iPhone or iPod with a keyboard, a 9-inch screen, SD-HC expansion ports, and built-in wireless G or wireless-N networking with 40GB or 80GB of storage. The larger screen would allow for a more natural browsing experience with the iPhone/iPod touch browser interface, and by using adapted iPhone software, the unit is more of a digital convergence device than an actual PC that requires maintenance.

Why Apple and Google need to get into the Netbook business | Tech Broiler |

OK, vielleicht denke ich nochmal über die Idee nach. Denn isch ‚abe ja schon eine Eifön.