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  1. Mailpile, nice find and very interesting ! Bookmarked.

    I’ve been looking for a Gmail alternative with servers outside the US and Norwegian *Runbox* is looking very promising and currently more mature than MailPile :
    Not free, but, more importantly, ad-free.

    And I’m also keeping a close eye on Norwegian *Jottacloud* as a possible Dropbox alternative :
    Currently less mature than Dropbox, but interesting nonetheless. Client side encryption recommended though.

    But those Norwegians appear to take privacy very seriously. Friendly people, awesome nature and great sweaters, what more could you want ?

  2. ..and, once again, I’m at a dead end: Jottacloud is available for all major operating systems, but not for Linux. With the exception of Dropbox, none of the major cloud storage options meets all of my requirements: http:/( requires Java installed on a PC/Mac, (at least last time I checked) doesn’t have a working Windows or Mac daemon/service, and Google Drive… well, it’s Google Drive.

    The Norwegians, on the other hand… If they (i.e. Opera Software) finally could decide to offer non-US servers for their email offering, (they promised to look into offering servers in either Norway or Iceland about a year ago), I’d be tempted to go back there. I’ve been a very satisfied Fastmail customer for a while.

    And yes, I do own a Norwegian sweater.

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