It’s the stupidity, stupid!

Zeit wurde es, dass man mit der geballten Intelligenz, wie man sie in Open Source-Projekten zu finden erwarten darf, gegen die geballte Un-Intelligenz dieser Welt vorgeht. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome: StupidFilter!

StupidFilter was conceived out of necessity. Too long have we suffered in silence under the tyranny of idiocy. In the beginning, the internet was a place where one could communicate intelligently with similarly erudite people. Then, Eternal September hit and we were lost in the noise. The advent of user-driven web content has compounded the matter yet further, straining our tolerance to the breaking point.

It’s time to fight back.

Jawollo! Funktionieren soll, nein, muss das Ganze mit Bayesschen Filtern und regelbasierender Verarbeitung.

The primary challenge inherent in our task is that stupidity is not a binary distinction, but rather a matter of degree.

Dem ist so gut wie nichts hinzuzufügen.

Update: Doch, dem ist noch was hinzuzufügen: Salon.coms (oder wie der Genitiv eines Dotcoms eben aussieht) Plädoyer für bessere Online-Manieren:

The fact is that online communication is artificial, and so requires artificial behavior. For various reasons, people tend to behave worse there than they do elsewhere. They must learn to behave better if the Internet is to attain its potential as a communicative medium.

(Via FastSilicon, via Slashdot)

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