Hund, Benz, Fernseher

Die Angebote in meiner Mailbox werden auch immer schräger:

Good day,

I am a Dog Breeder, My husband and I live in the United Kingdom. Recently my Dog gave Birth and we have four wonderful puppies. The (shih tzu) Puppy is Licensed, and has Health Certificate.

I will be willing to give this items out to any interested person. My Car mecedes benz E500 class 2003 model and my plasma television (Samsung PPM63M5H) and two of the puppy to any interested person for FREE this is because I will be joining my Husband in Kuwait where he is on a three year consultancy project on oil exploration with Shell BP and also we will reside there.

Why l am letting go of this is because this item has been given to us free so it will be a burden to us to freight to the middle east. All I want is an assurance that any interested person will take good care of the puppy because l love them so much.

The puppy is just Eight weeks old and am sure will make a wonderful home. So if you are interested in any of this item, them get back to me as soon as you can: because l only have less than a week to give out all this before l go and join my husband.


Gloria Jones

Wusste gar nicht, dass Shi Tsus eine nigerianische Hunderasse sind…