Da Vinci in Washington

Immer wieder erfrischend, wie das einzige oppositionelle Blatt der USA™ (nun, ganz so einzig nun auch wieder nicht) die amerikanische Politik erklärt: War is swell (in etwa: „Krieg ist knorke“) sei das oberste Prinzip der Bush-Männer:

The war paradigm is Bush’s „Da Vinci Code,“ the difference being that its high priests acknowledge in private that it is real.

They fervently believe that the Constitution is fatally flawed and must be severely circumscribed. The Bush administration’s „holy grail,“ another phrase officials use in private, is to remove suspects‘ rights to due process, speedy trial and exculpatory evidence. The war paradigm, which they contrast with a caricatured „law enforcement paradigm,“ is to be constantly strengthened to conduct a permanent war against terror, which can never be finally defeated. There is no exit strategy from emergency.

Dem ist so gut wie nichts hinzuzufügen.