Bedingt transparent

While I do intend to be transparent and share with you what I’m thinking, or what factors are in play when I say what I do, or where I might have bias, I am sharing only a subset of everything I do. I have intentionally filtered out information about my personal life and work life which I decided wouldn’t add value to you, or wouldn’t add value for me to share. For as much as I may be putting everything out there, you’re not seeing much from my hours at the office. You’re not getting live tweets from me during church meetings, and you’re not getting the minutiae of the day – from what television I’m watching, where I’m driving, or what my wife and I are discussing – even when it’s tempting to quote her out of context and send it to Twitter.

Louis Gray beschreibt den Unterschied zwischen seinem wirklichen und seinem netzöffentlichen Leben. Und nur so geht es auch.

Per web, via Bluelectric ePost